Welcome to Sevlievo!

The town of Sevlievo is situated in a cozy valley in Central North Bulgaria, 178 km east of Sofia, 28 km north-west of Gabrovo and 50 km north-west ot Tryavna.

The town is the heir of a medieval fortress Hotalich, as its ruins can be seen today some 4 km northwest direction. More than 90 residential and commercial buildings, divided into 4 districts, as well as 3 churches have been discovered and restored.

During the Bulgarian National Revival Sevlievo established itself as a center of crafts, as tanning used to be the most popular. Gradually the development of crafts in late XIX C and early CC C gave Sevlievo its industrial image. That period marked the opening of tanning, chair and textile factories. At the end of the XIX C several schools and a high school provided for the cultural and social development of the town.

Sevlievo preserved and is proud of its past and the heroism of the numerous Sevlievo fighters for National Liberation. Nowadays the town still follows the traditions and is one of the most successful industrial centers in the country.

The town and its beautiful surrounding offer visitors and guests a variety of sights and attractions. Places of interest, such as The Historical Museum in the building of Hadzhistoyanov’s School, the Clock Tower from 1779, the Medieval Town Fortress Hotalich, the Old Bridge, the Ethnographic Complex Dandolov’s Houses, the restored Tabahana (Tannery) highlight the history of the two Batoshevo monasteries will give you the opportunity for seclusion and contemplation. The Monument of Liberty in the heart of the town will tell you the story of its unbending and free-spirited citizens.

Nature lovers will discover the charm and the mightiness of the Balkan which gives excellent opportunities for holiday and recreation, mountain hikes and bike tourism, horse-riding and photo safari.

One of the best motocross tracks in the world where international and European Championships take place is located near Sevlievo.

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