The Revival Towns


Welcome to Gabrovo!

Gabrovo – the Capital of Humour and Satire, the center of education, crafts and trade during the Bulgarian National Revival and today, is located at the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, 200 km east from Sofia, 22 km from Tryavna, 28 km from Sevlievo, 45 km from Veliko Tarnovo and 49 km from Kazanlakrolex deepsea replica rolex made in usa power rangers replica watch

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Welcome to Tryavna!

The town of Tryavna is situated in Central Bulgaria, on the northern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, some 22 km east of Gabrovo, 50 km south-west of Sevlievo and 40 km south of Veliko Tarnovo.

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Welcome to Sevlievo!

The town of Sevlievo is situated in a cozy valley in Central North Bulgaria, 178 km east of Sofia, 28 km north-west of Gabrovo and 50 km north-west ot Tryavna.

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Welcome to Dryanovo!

Dryanovo municipality is situated in the central part of the Fore Balkan on 248,5 square meters strongly cut relief with altitude from 180 to 640 meters. The beautiful mountain slopes are covered with compound broad-leaved forests and between the hills and the rocks the rivers Qntra and Dryanovska crank.

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